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  • Fly High! 8 Incredible Benefits Of Being A Flight Attendant

    • 20,Dec 2023
    • Posted By : chetram

    Are you thinking about pursuing aviation courses after 12th grade and becoming a flight attendant? Then, you have come to the right page, as it discusses the benefits of being a flight attendant. Flight attendants go through rigorous air Hostess training to ensure the passengers flying with the airline are comfortable and safe.

    This blog discusses the roles and responsibilities of a flight attendant and the advantages this career path will entail.

    Flight Attendant Roles and Responsibilities

    A flight attendant is a professional part of the cabin crew who helps passengers have a safe flight. Their day-to-day responsibilities include:

    1. Greeting passengers
    2. Securing luggage
    3. Making sure the safety equipment on board is functioning properly
    4. Updating passengers about critical flight details like an emergency landing or turbulence
    5. Helping the passengers with seats if necessary.
    6. Handling customer complaints
    7. Instructing them on safety precautions like emergency evacuation plans
    8. Serving passengers meals.

    Benefits of Being a Flight Attendant

    Free Travel and Flight Opportunities

    Traveling is part and parcel of a flight attendant’s life. When they fly to a different city or country, they get hours or even days, sometimes allowing them to explore new destinations. Moreover, a few airlines let their flight attendants earn additional flight benefits or mileage. It means the attendants can fly without paying for the company’s airline. However, the free flights are offered on standby, meaning a paying customer will get priority. A perfect way to explore new places after completing your air hostess training. Lastly, flight attendants can get discounts flying with other airlines too.

    Flexible and Versatile Schedule

    Flight attendants have a versatile schedule. Airline companies ensure their crew members are rested and relaxed to ensure no accidents during the flight. Thus, airlines limit the hours a flight attendant works. Mostly, cabin crew members work 3–4 days a week. It is beneficial as it allows them to rest and have time for personal travel or attending family events.

    Moreover, when you are a flight attendant for a long time, you get to choose your flights as per seniority. It means the flight attendant who has worked the longest has the option to choose first. Thus, it allows them to create a schedule of their own.

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    Benefits for Friends and Family

    Depending on the company you fly for, flight benefits are extended to the attendants’ families too. A few airlines may let children or parents fly without paying for a specific flight number. Most of these benefits are applied to partners of the cabin crew when they are traveling for personal reasons. Flight attendants also receive free passes, which they can share with their friends or more.

    Opportunity to Meet People

    As a flight attendant, you get to meet new people every day. You will work closely with your passengers and have the opportunity to talk with them. The passengers are from different countries and cultures, exposing you to unique experiences. You also get to meet local people at the destination where you have a layover—another interesting opportunity.

    Ability to Self-direct

    Flight attendants do not have a manager on board. Thus, they can manage their responsibilities on their own. They must work with their team and follow guidelines, but mostly, they can direct their tasks themselves. So, if you prefer self-motivation, air hosting training and running an airline is ideal for you. 

    Reimbursement for Food Expenses

    Another incredible advantage for flight attendants is free snacks and food. They do not have to pay for any in-flight meals or snacks they get. Moreover, a few companies will also reimburse crew members for any food they eat outside during travels (when on halts). So, between two flights, you can explore the many restaurants in the new city without paying for it. The reimbursement for airline companies is usually on a per-hour basis. If the flight and trip is long, they will receive more money for spending on food. Depending on the airline, you may get money up-front or you may get reimbursement after they check the receipts the employees submit.

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    They get Health Insurance

    Most airlines offer incredible health packages to their employees. These include vision, dental, medical, and life insurance policies for the flight attendants and their families (just the dependants). The plans differ for all airlines and can have more medical benefits.

    Other Compensation and Retirement Plan

    A flight attendant makes a good salary. The average depends on the airline, which route they fly, and whether they are flying domestically or internationally. Also, your experience matters. However, the package usually includes profit-sharing as part of the compensation plan too. Moreover, they do get discounts and the ability to travel free for a specific number. All these other compensations are always beneficial. Moreover, a flight attendant also has a retirement plan which can help them save for their future. 


    Being a flight attendant is a lucrative job. If you love flying, it is the best job for you. Moreover, you can pursue aviation courses after 12th grade without getting a college degree. The Aviation Institute provides you with a certificate and training to help you crack an interview and become a flight attendant. So, do not wait anymore! Join aviation management and fly high into the sky by being a flight attendant.

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