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Get the best air hostess training and chase the clouds!

The best air hostess training institute in India, Inferno Dreamz, offers a chance to all aspirants to empower themselves and fly. The aviation industry is competitive and fast-paced, requiring the best courses to crack the industry. We offer a variety of leading courses, like air hostess training, cabin crew training, hospitality and many more. With this, your dream of flying above the clouds to all corners of the world will come true.

The air hostess training is precise, in-depth, and practical. Students can learn from the top mentors with one-on-one guidance.


Inferno Dreamz Academy is the brainchild of top aviators with two decades of flying experience with top Indian and international airlines. Experts here have vast knowledge to teach you the tricks and tips to crack the industry. The course-air hostess training fee is reasonably priced to help you crack interviews with top airline brands.

The Inferno Dreamz Academy- A Top-Rated Air Hostess Training Institute Jaipur

Inferno Dreamz is a reputable air hostess training institute in Jaipur. It aims to build the best wellness and hospitality professionals in India. Our courses will encourage young women and men to spread their wings and fly. The cabin crew training focuses on training young women and men to be the best cabin crew. Experts with decades of experience impart industry trades to help students crack airline interviews on the first try. Learning from the best air hostess training institute in India means a 100% guarantee of a well-paying internship or placement.

Why Join Inferno Dreamz Academy of Air Hostess Training Jaipur?

Modern Classrooms

Our classrooms have got all the modern amenities for training the modern professionals. So, we offer high-quality training in the aviation field for making our students professionals before leaving our academy.

Best Aviation Training Academy

We are among India's top aviation training academies because we give you hands-on experience in the service industry through the latest technology that will put you at forefront of the aviation industry.

A Well Facilitated Infrastructure

Our training centre for air hostesses has got the modern classrooms to accommodate many students at once and we use a consultative teaching approach that helps the students to grow their skills quickly.

Well-Crafted Courses

Our tailor-made aviation courses are a perfect fit for every student and they’re designed to suit their own individual needs, because we believe in providing the personal education in a public environment.


Proactive Courses

At Inferno Dreamz, we have got a vast variety of courses that will mold you into the perfect professional for any kind of need in the aviation or the service industry. Come visit our website to see all of our programs!

Practical Training

We have got hands-on experience through practical trainings that are a driving force in helping our all the students apply their knowledge in the various sectors of the service or aviation industry.