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  • Top 5 Alternatives To Cabin Crew Jobs In The Aviation Industry

    • 22,Dec 2023
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    Look at these statistics:

    • In 2020, the number of passengers grew from 60 million to 143 million.
    • Even international passenger numbers have increased from 43 million to 64 million.
    • The best yet is that the aircraft numbers have increased to 723 in 2023 from 300 in 2019.

    All these statistics reflect how rapidly the aviation industry is growing. This growth is increasing the demand for pilots, air hostesses, ground staff, and more. An aviation academy in Jaipur can prepare you for all these roles so that you can embark on a career in the aviation industry beyond the cabin crew. There is no denying the fact that being a flight attendant is an alluring job. However, not everyone wants to be a flight attendant. Also, flight attendants do retire from this and want to diversify their careers in the same industry. If you are among these people who want to make a career in aviation but not work as a cabin crew, this article is for you.

    Join us as we navigate alternative jobs for cabin crew for anyone who wants to work in this growing industry.

    Top 5 Alternative Jobs In The Aviation Industry Other Than Cabin Crew

    Load and Trim Officer

    As everyone knows, aircraft are delicate machines but quite powerful too. Thus, cargo management here requires intelligent calculations. A load and trim officer is responsible for calculating aircraft weight, control of wide-body aircraft, and balance. All this they do to define load limits. 

    The roles and responsibilities of a load and trim officer:

    • Calculating aircraft performance data before takeoff, landing, and descent.
    • Reporting any issues related to weight to the higher authorities.
    • Preparing load planning details and checking on its performance data.
    • They are responsible for the security and safety of all members of the team while reporting possible breaches.

    Qualities Required:

    • Attention to detail
    • Resilient to changes
    • Ability to work in an agile and fast-paced environment.
    • Excellent communication skills.

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    Customer Service Agent

    A customer service agent is another job beyond cabin crew to be part of in the aviation industry. The best aviation institute in Jaipur prepares you well for this role. The responsibility of a customer service agent is to ensure a hassle-free boarding experience for the customer. 

    Their other responsibilities include:

    • Handling last-minute conflicts regarding flight timings, operations, passengers, and other general inquiries a customer has.
    • A customer service agent must possess knowledge of the rules, policies, and regulations of the airline.

    Qualification Required

    • Great communication skills
    • They should possess high organizational skills.
    • An experience as a reservation agent helps, or a certificate course from the best aviation institute in Jaipur.

    Pilot or Co-pilot

    For anyone who dreams of flying an aircraft, being a pilot is the best job. You can become a commercial pilot or fly private jets or military aircraft. It is a highly in-demand job that also pays extremely well. Do you know that a report by Boeing suggests that by 2036, the airline sector will have around 637,000 pilots? So, if you wish to be a pilot, now is the right time to enroll in a pilot training program to fulfill your dream job.

    In brief, the roles and responsibilities of a pilot are:

    • Performing inspections of the aircraft before flying and after.
    • Choosing flight routes that are efficient and safe.
    • Maintaining accurate documents
    • Ensuring the comfort and safety of all the passengers and crew.
    • Report any system issues on the plane.

    Qualifications Required

    • 10+2 in the science stream
    • Engineering degrees always come in handy.
    • Great communication skills
    • Confidence

    Ground Staff

    Ground staff is a critical job profile in the field of aviation. Also known as the ground crew, they ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers until they board the aircraft. 

    The roles and responsibilities of ground staff are:

    • Providing passengers with the correct information
    • Assisting them with issues like reservations, baggage collections, ticketing, customer service, seat allocation, and more.
    • Assisting the passengers with baggage checking
    • Assisting passengers with disabilities or even children traveling alone.

    Qualification Required

    • 10+2 in any stream
    • A course or diploma in airport or aviation management
    • Customer care and interpersonal skills
    • Post-graduate qualifications can certainly help their job prospects.

    Air-Traffic Controller

    The air traffic controller is another job an aviation aspirant can join. An air traffic controller is the eyes and ears of the pilot on the ground. ATCs are the ones who help with landing directions and takeoff. During adverse weather conditions, they help planes reroute. An advantage of being an ATC is retiring at the age of 56 with a full federal pension.

    The roles and responsibilities of an ATC are:

    • Providing instructions and clearances to the pilots
    • Monitoring the movements of the aircraft using sophisticated technology to monitor the altitude, speed, and position of the aircraft.
    • Managing the flow of traffic
    • Commuting with other ATC crews during rerouting of the aircraft.
    • Maintaining records of the aircraft movements for future reference.

    Qualification Required

    • Engineering degree in telecommunications, electronic and radio engineering.
    • A master degree is always helpful
    • Minimum age: 21-27

    P.S. For anyone wishing to be a flight attendant, join the best aviation academy in Jaipur to prepare well for the job.


    For anyone who wishes to fly high in the sky in their childhood, a job in aviation is the most lucrative. With air hostess training in Jaipur, you are prepared for all these jobs, going beyond being a flight attendant. If any of these jobs sound interesting to you, an aviation academy in Jaipur, like Inferno Dreamz, will prepare you well for them all. The courses and training are the best in the field, helping you land the best career in this field.

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