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  • Flight Attendants: Things to know Before you Join this Esteem Profession

    • 21,Dec 2023
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    Is it your dream to become a flight attendant or an air hostess? Then, this blog is for you. In this, we talk about who is a flight attendant and what their job is. Also, it talks about a few things to know before you join an air hostess academy in Jaipur. Those who wish to fly high in the sky by being a flight attendant should know that being an air hostess is a demanding job. It is not just glitz and glamor. Air hostesses are responsible for flying the passengers safely. Moreover, they are the face of the airlines too.

    This article is a guide for anyone wanting to be an airline hostess. Let’s start

    Who is a flight attendant?

    A flight attendant is part of an aircrew employed by reputable airlines like Air India, Indigo, Qatar, or Lufthansa. They can cover the domestic sector or fly internationally. Their main purpose is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers on board the plane. Their job requires them to be confident, responsible, and disciplined.

    Roles and responsibilities of an air hostess

    After joining an air hostess academy in Jaipur, you will prepare for an interview and become a flight attendant. The job of a flight attendant is more than serving passengers (most people assume this to be their only job). Their list of duties is listed below:

    • Greeting passengers, guiding them to their seats, and instructing them about flight rules.
    • Maintaining the cleanliness of the aircraft.
    • Checking the safety equipment and conducting safety checks pre- and post-flight.
    • Ensuring hand luggage is tucked away securely
    • Serving meals and refreshments to the passengers
    • Making announcements
    • Handling crises like fights or arguments between passengers or emergency situations like an emergency landing.
    • Providing medical help to the passenger if needed.

    The requirement to be a flight attendant

    • Complete 10+2 education
    • Have a certificate degree from the best aviation institute in Jaipur
    • Have good communication skills
    • Be medically fit and have good eyesight
    • The required BMI is between 20-22 
    • Minimum age requirement 18-22 

    Other things to know before joining this esteemed profession 

    Training for flight attendants is challenging and tough.

    An aviation institute in Jaipur, like Inferno Dreamz, prepares you for the interview and the training you will get. It is necessary to do this because training for being a flight attendant is robust and challenging. They have to prove them every day in multiple scenarios. The cabin crew training will test not only their memory but their patience as well. It also tests how their brain evaluates risk and their manual expertise. The training also ensures testing how a person handles challenging situations, pressure, and their ability to make decisions while following instructions.

    Flight attendants have to handle extreme situations.

    Being an air hostess is a stressful job, as they have to survive in extreme conditions and situations. From plane crashes to emergency landings to hijackings, every situation is real, and aviation training ensures you are trained for all of these conditions. After completing their course at the Air Hostess Academy, in their training, they are taught survival training. It means they are well-versed in creating a shelter, gathering food, finding safe drinking water, and attracting help in the desert, jungle, or anywhere. Their priority is keeping the onboard passengers safe.

    Do you know that during an emergency landing, flight attendants are the last ones to leave? Even after the pilot?

    It is not just glamour and glitz.

    People on the outside think the passengers think being an air hostess is just glitz and glamour. However, it isn’t true. Sure, flight attendants travel to new locations, and they can explore them if the layover is more than just a day. But the job also includes being disrespected by passengers. Air hostesses have to be polite to the passengers, irrespective of how they treat them. Moreover, long-standing and flying hours can lead to chronic back issues and other health issues.

    Every airline is looking for a different thing.

    If you learn one thing in your air hostess academy in Jaipur, it is that every airline is looking for a different thing. All airlines can have different rules regarding the hiring of air hostesses. The age and minimum weight or marital status requirements vary. So, prepare your body and yourself according to the airline you are interviewing for.

    Air hostesses can deliver babies on flights.

    An air hostess learns first aid and has the skills to perform CPR. Moreover, they train to handle passengers feeling panic or anxiety during flights. But did you know flight attendants also train to deliver babies on flights? It is true!

    The air hostess learns hand-to-hand combat.

    Another skill that every air hostess learns is hand-to-hand combat. Yes, that is why their training is rigorous and challenging. They learn to tackle passengers making a scene or using their physical prowess. The hand-to-hand combat can also help an air hostess tackle hijackers. They get training to fight back and even learn defense techniques.

    They have to keep studying and taking exams.

    It differs from airline to airline timewise, but every airline makes it mandatory for their flight attendants to take exams every few months or undergo training. It happens because new courses and safety regulations are added to their study, which they must learn and pass to continue being a flight attendant.

    They work as ticketing agents too.

    An air hostess is a multi-tasker. They train to handle passengers on board. But sometimes, they work on the ground as ticketing agents.

    Grooming is essential.

    As a flight attendant, you have to look presentable. The best aviation institute in Jaipur prepares you for this, and this is highlighted more in your training. Grooming is essential. That means proper makeup, attire, footwear, and hair. No visible tattoos and gaining weight is a big no.

    Travel and other perks

    Being a flight attendant also means traveling a lot. Sometimes, you can explore the places you travel to. It gives the flight attendants a chance to explore new cultures and traditions and meet new people. They can also fly for free (depending on airlines) and even get free tickets for their families and friends.


    The aviation industry is growing rapidly, and so is the demand for air hostesses. So, go for it. Concluding, as mentioned above, the job does not only mean serving meals to the passengers. Flight attendants get training to keep passengers safe and communicate vital details to both passengers and the passengers. To become a flight attendant, a short course at the best aviation institute in Jaipur is necessary. Though you do not need to complete a higher degree to enroll in any air hostess courses, the Air hostess academy in Jaipur will train you to crack the interview for top airlines, which trains you to fly as every airline has different rules. For a person who loves traveling and meeting new people, being a flight attendant is a lucrative job. Like every job, it can have ups and downs, but it is truly a dream job for those who like flying above the clouds.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can a woman become a flight attendant after marriage?

    Yes, a woman, after marriage, can become a flight attendant if the airline they are applying to allows for it.

    What is the requirement for doing an air hostess course?

    You can join an air hostess academy for a course after completing 10+2 education. You do not need a college degree to join a course.

    What is the interview process for being a flight attendant?

    The first step is sending in the CV. HR will comb through multiple CVs to find the best applicants. Then, some airlines have a written exam, a group discussion, and an interview. After you crack all these, the candidate has to go in for basic measurements and a medical assessment. If they pass all this, they are appointed as a flight attendant and receive training.

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