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  • Common Complaints in the Aviation Industry and How to Handle Them

    • 04,Jan 2024
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    Every industry faces customer complaints, and the aviation industry, being a service industry, is no different. Though the Indian aviation industry did a commendable job last year, Only 288 passengers had complaints with the domestic airlines. This shows how well every person, whether it is the pilot, flight attendant, ground crew, or customer service department, has been working. Yet, how can you make it zero? The aviation courses you choose after 12th grade do include customer service, helping you breeze through these situations easily.

    If you are still looking for ways to handle customer complaints in aviation management this blog is for you. In this blog, we will delve into the common complaints the aviation industry faces and how to handle them.

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    Common Complaints in the Aviation Industry

    Complaint 1: Flight Delays and Cancellations

    Flight delays and cancellations are part of the aviation industry. But sudden delays and cancellations often lead to frustration among the passengers as they disrupt their travel plans.

    How do I handle this?

    Be transparent! Airlines and their representatives should be transparent with their passengers about the reasons for cancellations or delays. Provide them with real-time updates using mobile apps, airport displays, websites, and more. Aviation management must ensure all this to manage the expectations of passengers. You can also offer compensation and alternative arrangements if possible.

    Complaint 2: Baggage Issues

    Another common complaint that a customer service certification in aviation courses after 12th grade is taught is baggage issues. Passengers often complain about losing their baggage or getting damaged baggage. Even delayed baggage is a recurring issue faced by passengers.

    How do I handle this?

    Take advantage of technology to come up with robust baggage tracking systems. It will ensure luggage loss does not happen often. When this does happen, take prompt action, like efficient tracking, to ensure the passengers get their luggage quickly. Lastly, offering compensation for damaged luggage or a lost one can help.

    Complaint 3: Poor Communication and Customer Service

    Several customers complain about inadequate communication and poor customer service. This includes being rude to customers during the checking process, not being vocal about gate numbers, and more.

    How do I handle this?

    Train your staff well to improve their communication skills and customer service. Have both online and offline settings for providing impeccable customer service. Ensure the customer service department immediately conveys messages about delays, service disruptions, and more.

    Complaint 4: Uncomfortable Seats

    Another complaint the air hostess often hears is that the seats are uncomfortable. If this keeps increasing, airlines can face losses.

    How do I handle this?

    Ensure you introduce seamline seats for the customers. Ensure there is enough space to stretch their legs, and do not overcrowd the row with too many seats.

    Complaint 5: Long Queues

    Another common complaint an airline faces is long lines. The passengers often complain about the extreme waiting times for security, check-in, boarding, immigration, and baggage claims. Due to long queues and not enough staff handling the situation, it can lead to stress and even missed flights.

    How do I handle this?

    To address long queue issues, work closely with aviation management, airport authorities, and stakeholders and optimize the system that handles boarding and check-in. Also, automation is the key. Having more booths open for check-in passengers is undoubtedly helpful.

    Complaint 6: Poor hygiene and cleanliness

    It is another common complaint that most airlines and airports get. And it is terminals, restrooms, aircraft, and lounges that are unclean. When these places are unclean and unhygienic, it can affect the mental and physical health of the people. Even your staff can get sick due to unclean places.

    How do I handle this?

    Well, aviation management must keep the aircraft and airport clean. The airlines can ensure the cabin crew inspects the aircraft for cleanliness issues before boarding begins. It will help reduce the issue. Train your staff to keep the aircraft clean and offer passengers things like wipes, sanitizer, and gloves to keep them safe. Similarly, airports must disinfect their airplanes now and then.

    Complaint 7: Overbooked Flights

    Passengers often complain about overbooked flights. It is an inconvenience because it delays the flights by sorting so many people. Also, sometimes, many people who booked in advance have to get off-board due to this issue.

    How do I handle this?

    Automate and optimize the booking process so overbooking does not happen. In case overbooking happens and you bump a passenger, offer compensation like meal vouchers or alternative flights, and be helpful to ensure the passenger will fly again with you.

    Are you interested in being a cabin crew member or working in aviation customer service? Then, join aviation courses after 12th grade for a certification course in your chosen field, which will improve your chances of selection.

    Complaint 8: Expensive and Limited Amenities

    Everyone knows that basic amenities like water and food are expensive while flying. However, if your airline is too expensive and provides only limited services, it can dissatisfy the customer.

    How do I handle this?

    Work with partners and airports to offer amenities at a reasonable price. If something is expensive, offer a proper explanation; moreover, offer discounts or incentives to your loyal customers. Also, offer free Wi-Fi, that will make a lot of the customers happy. 

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    Aviation management has to be proactive in their approach while addressing the concerns of passengers and stakeholders. Ensure the communication is transparent and provide effective solutions to the issues the passenger is facing. The above article talks about common problems and how to handle them. So, take help from it. Moreover, follow these basic steps when talking to a passenger who has a complaint:

    • Listen to their complaints and empathize with them.
    • Apologize for the inconvenience caused and explain to them the reason behind the delay, luggage mishandling, and more.
    • Provide an effective solution.
    • Follow up with the customer and thank them for their patience.
    • Train your staff to handle such situations. Hiring staff with certifications in aviation courses after 12th grade in customer service or the hospitality industry is good.

    Happy flying!

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