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  • Navigating the Top Challenges Air Hostesses Face: Are You Prepared for These?

    • 28,Feb 2024
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    • Challenges Air Hostesses Face

    Becoming an air hostess or cabin crew member is a dream job for many people. It is an exciting and glamorous job with the perk of traveling and exploring multiple destinations. Moreover, it allows you to meet new people, which, if you are an extrovert, you will love. However, it’s not all perks! There are many challenges air hosts have to face regularly, like long working hours, handling obnoxious passengers, and even performing medical services 30,000 feet in the air. Other than these, there are many other challenges air hosts face. If you want to be a cabin crew, ensure you know about these challenges and prepare for them before applying to multiple airlines.

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    Top Challenges Air Hostesses Face

    The Schedule is Hard and Challenging.

    As an air hostess, you do not have fixed work hours. You do not work in an office with a 9–5 job schedule. You can get called to operate a flight anytime. You have to keep your schedule flexible, which can be tiring for flight attendants, especially in the beginning. It also disrupts their family or personal time. However, as you get promoted, you can manage your schedule by selecting the flights you want to fly.

    Low-cost Airlines: Passengers Expecting the Same Treatment as Those in Business Class

    Travelling in the economy is becoming cheaper. Usually, the price of domestic travel in India, in terms of the economy, is similar to paying for a third-class AC coach on the railways. Thus, many people board the plane, which is great for aviation management. However, the problem arises when people travelling in economy class want the same service that a passenger travelling in business class is getting. They want complimentary drinks and more. They do not understand that business-class travellers pay at least five times more than what they are paying. It can lead to aggression and bad behaviour among many passengers. They become rude and behave badly with the flight attendants. It is one of the top challenges air hostesses face, as they have to stay polite and calm even while dealing with unruly or rude passengers.

    The Training is Challenging.

    Cabin crew training is not easy. It is a tiring, elaborate, and daunting process. You learn many life skills, ensuring you can handle any emergency arising while you are in the air. The training is challenging, but it does teach you every skill you need to succeed in your air hostess career. The job requires calmness, readiness, and quick thinking. It requires you to make critical decisions, and that is why the training is stressful. It teaches you to not only handle medical emergencies but also other scenarios like hijacking or crash landing.

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    On-call Scheduling

    A flight attendant has to work on an on-call basis at any time. They have to be ready to work even on a 2-hour notice in case another flight attendant pulls back due to personal reasons. It is a challenge, as you might have to disrupt your schedule or leave some social gatherings. However, it is part of the job, and there is compensation for this. Moreover, ensure you get the necessary rest on your off days to prepare for such on-call scheduling.


    Air hosts travel a lot. Sometimes, they have to fly through one sector after another. It can take a toll on their mental health, as their traveling so much means they might not see their family often. Also, if the base is not their hometown, this can add to the feeling of loneliness. It is one of the top challenges air hosts face every day. Due to on-call scheduling, sometimes their planned vacation with family and friends is cancelled. It is a challenge, but you can ensure you do not feel homesick by staying in touch with your friends and family through video calls. Also, you can take paid leave and plan a nice vacation with your family.

    A Change in their Weight is Troublesome.

    A prime challenge many air hostesses face is fluctuating weight. With time, age, and due to internal or external factors, weight fluctuates. It is common for all individuals. However, air hostesses have to maintain a healthy BMI. If they go even slightly above their BMI, they get a period in which they have to reduce their weight.

    Physical Health Issues

    Air hostesses travel regularly on flights, and the majority of the time they are standing. Also, they help the passengers with their heavy cabin bags. All this can lead to back problems or leg pain. It can turn into a chronic back pain or neck pain issue too. The best way to deal with this is by eating a nutritious diet, ensuring proper posture while flying, and taking physiotherapy if necessary.

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    Limited Growth Potential

    Another top challenge air hosts face is limited growth potential. They have to stay in the same position they were hired for for a long time. If they take a break in between and apply to a new airline, sometimes they have to start from scratch. This limited growth potential can dissuade many from pursuing this job.


    These are the top challenges air hostesses face. But similar to any other job, if this one has challenges, there are perks too. The benefit goes beyond just finances. The major benefit is obviously the ability to travel, explore the world, and experience new cultures and foods. Moreover, you get discounts on flights, not just for yourself but also for your family. So, do not let these challenges dissuade you from pursuing an air hostess course at the best aviation institute in Jaipur, becoming an air hostess, and flying high in the skies.